Reservation phase

- How can I request a quote for an apartment?
After choosing the holiday period (from Saturday to Saturday in high season) you can contact us by phone or by fillingout the quote request form directly on our website. We will send you an email with all the proposals relating to the chosen holiday period in a very short time.

- How can I accept a quote?
After contacting us by phone or online, you will receive a detailed estimate of each proposed structure. You can accept the quote by calling our office or sending an email. Our staff will check if there is still availability for the selected period and will send you the lease by email.

- When do I receive the contract?
After accepting the estimate you will receive the rental contract by e-mail.

- Can I change my booking?
If you wish to change the date of your reservation, please get in touch with our staff who will check if the requested period is still available. If, by changing the date of arrival / departure, the holiday period results to belong to another seasonality, the price will have to be recalculated. Changes to the number of people (up to the maximum allowed) or personal data do not involve any additional cost.

- How can I cancel my reservation?
If you are forced by force majeure to cancel your reservation, call or send an e-mail. Cancellation can include costs.
The conditions relating to cancellation are shown on our website. The cancellation of the reservation must always beconfirmed to us in writing.

Payment phase

- What payment methods are possible?
Advance payment (20% of the total amount) can be made by bank transfer. Office data and payment terms will be sent together with the contract in a summary email. On the other hand, as regards the balance (80% of the total amount), the latter must be paid on arrival at our office by cash or check.

- Is a deposit required?
Upon arrival there is no security deposit but upon return of the keys our staff will check the condition of the property if the apartment has not been damaged.
Is it possible to take out insurance? We do not offer this service which, at your discretion, must be privately signed with an insurance company of your

- My payment does not arrive on time. Is my reservation cancelled?
The reservation is confirmed only after receipt of any transfer relating to the deposit: 20% of the total amount of the stay. If the deadline for payment of the deposit has expired, please contact our office immediately by email or phone. If payment is not made, Il Bosco Agriturismo reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

- Where can I find information on payment terms?
The terms and conditions of payment are shown on the booking confirmation.

General informations

- Can I leave or arrive at different times or dates?
If you have special needs you can contact our office and we will try to meet you as much as possible. In high season arrivals and departures are always on Saturday with check-in after 2 pm and check-out by 9 am.

- What time can I take possession of the apartment?

The apartments are delivered on the day scheduled for arrival from 14:00 to 19:30. Any arrivals after hours must becommunicated to the office to avoid the risk of arriving and not being able to enter the house.

- Can I arrive before the scheduled time and take possession of the apartment immediately?
If you arrive before the scheduled time of delivery of the apartments, we can perform all the check-in procedures but we do not guarantee the immediate availability of the apartment.

- What do I do while I wait to take possession of the apartment?

We advise you to organize maybe to go to the beach, or take a ride in the country for any expenses. Remember that if the apartment is not delivered immediately it is because it is not available yet, not because we do not want to deliver it.
For us, before a guest enters the apartment, the better!

-What time should I leave the apartment on the day of departure?
On the day of departure, the keys to the apartments must be returned to the office no later than 9:00 in the morning. In case of departures prior to opening hours, you can hand over the keys to our indication.

- My plane / train leaves late at night, can I keep the apartment until evening?
No, it is not possible for organizational reasons. On Saturdays the apartments must be cleaned and prepared for new arrivals. If you have special needs you can contact our office and we will try to meet you as much as possible.

- Today there is bad weather and I cannot go to the beach. What am I doing all day?
Tuscany is not only beach and sea, but also art and culture, and if there is no sunshine one day, there are interesting places to visit: you can take the opportunity to tour the nearby villages or go shopping , Buy souvenirs, or just have a nice meal and taste a delicious wine! However, ask us, we will give you all the information to make you spend an unforgettable day.

- Are there umbrellas and / or deck chairs at the pool?
We provide a number of umbrellas and deckchairs for free without the need to book them.

Informations about the apartments

- On the day of departure I have to think about cleaning? And during the week?
On the day of departure the apartment must be left in good condition with the kitchenette clean. This means that there will not be any dirty dishes and dishes, pots and pans encrusted, and if you use the oven, even that will need to be cleaned. Do not leave anything in the fridge, and make sure it is clean. Finally, please leave the plug connected to the power supply.
We ask you not to leave garbage in the apartments. These must be thrown into the appropriate containers near the apartment. During the week it will be the user's responsibility to keep their spaces clean but if you want mid-week cleaning, you can ask for it for a fee.

- If I have a problem in the apartment, who should I contact?
Our staff is at your disposal for any request, information or problem to occur inside the apartment. Upon your arrival at the apartment you will find an informative book with lots of useful information and all our telephone numbers, including emergency numbers.

- Is bed linen and towels provided?
The bed linen and towels for the first week is included in the price and is available inside the apartment, for the following weeks if you want a change, you can ask our staff at the cost indicated on the site. The bathroom linen includes a shower towel, a face towel and a bath mat. Otherwise, if you prefer, you can bring your own linen.

- Is kitchen linen supplied?
Yes, kitchen linen is supplied with tablecloths, tea towels, pot holders, etc. ... available inside of the apartment.

- Is the kitchenette equipped with everything needed for cooking?
Yes, in the kitchenette you will find everything you need to cook: pots, pans, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, etc. ..., all in quantities appropriate to the maximum number of people who can occupy the house.

- Can I have a second copy of the apartment keys?
The second copy can be requested, preferably on arrival or in the following days. Remember that, however, it must be returned on the Friday before departure.
Information about the surroundings area and common interest

- How are the beaches? How far is the nearest beach?
The closest ones are in Marina di Castagneto Carducci 3.5 km and are very nice for swimming even for the children because the water is not immediately deep, but for a few meters you can touch the ground, there are also some free beaches, however well equipped beaches. In recent years, the beach of Marina di Castagneto Carducci has been awarded 6 times with the Blue Ribbon, for its cleanliness and good service. Marina di Castagneto Carducci is ideal for a beach holiday in Tuscany with the whole family. The sandy beaches mostly lead gently sloping into the sea, so that even smaller children feel comfortable there.

- Are there beaches equipped for dogs and pets?
Yes in Marina di Castagneto Carducci there is the free dog beach (Spiaggia del Seggio) and is 4 km away with establishments, bars and restaurants nearby.

- How far is the nearest village?
We are located 2 km from the village of Donoratico, where there are all the shops and basic necessities as well as the railway station and bus stops. There is also a tourist train that runs from Donoratico to Marina di Castagneto Carducci from June to September, making several stops. For more detailed information about prices and timetables, contact the tourist office in Marina di Castagneto Carducci.

- How far is the nearest supermarket?
The closest very well equipped supermarket, with ample outdoor and covered parking and with adjacent bar is the CONAD and is 1.8 km away.

- How far is it and where is the nearest hospital?
The nearest hospital and emergency room are in Cecina (LI) and is located 20 km from our farm, otherwise you can go to the medical guard of Donoratico 2 km or to Marina di Castagneto 3.5 km

- Whom to contact in the event of an emergency?
Our staff is at your disposal for any problem occurring within the structure and at your arrival in the apartment, you will find an informative book with lots of useful information and all our telephone numbers, including emergency numbers.